IPad2, Kindle, Olympus. Keeping Up to Date

In theses days of the computer staying current counts, take email for example, I used to check there before doing anything else, now its Facebook. While blogs are still very much in vogue I still wonder what will come next? At least that’s what I told myself when doing some major shopping recently.

The latest purchase was the IPad2 this past week; so far I love it. Easy to use, works anywhere and I’m going to have some good fun with it. I love buying the stuff the goes with things so it is parked on some JBL speakers made just for the Pad in my bedroom. Perfect for when I feel like curling up with my Kindle, another gadget I highly recommend though now the IPad2 can download books also. I guess that makes my Kindle an example of now outdated for me. Still its size and ease of carrying tons of books weighing just about the same as a cereal box will keep it on my must have list.

My other major buy was the Olympus PEN PE-2 one of the smaller SLR style cameras that has interchanging lens and powerful fast sensors, a ¾ cam. It allows you to shoot manual or fully automatic. It also shoots fantastic video as well as many other Bells &Whistles. Its size certainly makes carrying it around easy. Don’t get me wrong I love my Cannons but the Olympus is a great camera to have as a back up or just alone.

Now to stay in step I only need to do one more thing and do it well, master using them! In a blink something so in date can become stale, that is the history of online.