Lost in Space? Nubble to the Rescue!


The Nubble Light. Photo by Esha Samajpati. All rights reserved ©

Cape Neddick Lighthouse or “The Nubble Light” as it is popularly known as, was built in 1879 on a small island dubbed the savage rock for obvious reasons. According to the lighthouse website, when NASA had to pick photos for the Voyager Spacecraft II to identify our planet, they included a photo of the Nubble.

If you are wondering as to why they needed photos of Earth, think about it. What happens if the spacecraft gets captured by aliens? The astronauts on board show photos of the Nubble along with other landmarks and before you know it, their extra-terrestrial friends drop them off on the right planet. Well, that’s my explanation. I am sure NASA had a better reason.

To get to the lighthouse, follow Nubble Road east from Route 1A in York for about 1 mile to Sohier Park. You have to view the beauty from York Beach, about 200 yards away unless you book a tour with the Friends of Nubble Light. There’s a great restaurant nearby, called the Fox’s Lobster House – we had lunch there. Photos and reviews coming up.