Marblehead Neck in Massachusetts

Marblehead Light Tower. Photo by Esha Samajpati © All rights reserved

Why would anyone drive through the other-worldly charm of Salem, into the town of Marblehead, and go all the way to the end of Follett Street? Well, they could do it to catch a glorious sunset. Best seat in the house, I have been told. And after going there on a particularly cold and windy morning at the beach, I second that thought.

The place which evokes such a grand declaration, is called Chandler Hovey Park. It is also known as Lighthouse Point as it is home to Marblehead Light Tower. A tower that is a far cry from your usual cookie-cutter New England lighthouse. It is stark, skeletal and metallic brown. It doesn’t care for finery. It makes you pause. You hear the waves crashing against the rocks and then you look up at the 100 feet tall tower and you wonder at its resilience, and instead of wishing for it to be white-washed with a pretty red roof, you want it to stay exactly as it is.

This park also has a pavilion (great for romantic photography) and seats to enjoy the view. See for yourself. And then tell me you don’t feel like being there right now!

Chandler Hovey Park/Lighthouse Point. Photo by Esha Samajpati © All rights reserved