Mar’s World, United and Antigua, a Beautiful

I often neglect mentioning the other side of my occupation and that is the chance to meet a number of interesting people. Some are in my heart forever, some just passing ships, yet all leave a mark. For example on my last trip to Antigua I had a chance to meet Mar Jennings, TV host, author and lifestyle expert found frequently on Fox CT/Ct1, the Today Show and Food Network. These are just some of the places he pops up. Mar’s first book, Life on Mar’s has done great, and his second is now out.

Best though is his attitude about life; he enjoys the world and you can see and feel it and it is catching. Trish, one of his assistants, also shares that vibe and it was a pleasure to meet her also. Often though it is an unknown person that can really make your travels run smoother. I have one on this trip who really came through–the United employee who went above and beyond.

I rushed through customs at EWR praying that I would catch my connection to ALB and home. I asked a gate agent if it would be possible. “Not very,” his eyes showed. My eyes must have flashed extreme disappointment because he said, “Follow me and step lively.” Bottom line, he got me through security on the crew line and then on an employee bus to the far away correct terminal. Seconds to spare and on board, I felt an extreme relief, and he will never know just how important he was.

Today, I thought a lot about all the travels I’ve done and the amazing places seen, the experiences that many dream about and how lucky I am to have had the opportunity. I wondered just how many unknown people have given something of themselves to make that happen. Then all of the wonderful people who have really become friends, caring and understanding, It’s a Small World After All!