Meeting the Patriarch at Argiolas Winery

Antonio Argriolas is the patriarch of one of Sardinia’s largest winemakers, of the same name. We met this 101-year-old sprite during our visit to the winery. Since 1937 he’s lead the company and now is the retired chairman.

He said he drinks a glass of his wine every day, and that plus Sardinia’s good air is what he attributes to his long life. His grand daughter Valentina runs the day-to-day operations, where they have a cooking school and a large winery.
Before we left for our trip, we met a woman named Susan who told us about a wine she had discovered at a local restaurant. It was Costamolino, and in fact it was a product of this winery.
Antonio was clearly pleased to meet all of the nice women in our group, and was very proud as he posed for hundreds of photos with his granddaughter. Even though he could not see the visiting journalists clearly, as they kissed his cheeks you could tell he was enjoying the deserving adoration from the Americani.