Movies and Tourism

Talk Hindi moves and you will talk Switzerland. I grew up on a healthy diet of Swiss scenes from movies like Chandni and Darr. But when I was in college sports was my thing and not so much travel. It is only when sports went away I got converted to travel. Switzerland Tourism will attract anyone and I am no exception. But till now all I have managed is transit via Zurich twice and nothing else. Once I was heading to Amsterdam and the second time to Bologna. That was once again when I was a broke student and it did not even occur to me that I should look for a transit visa and venture into Zurich. But who knows maybe one day I will head there. By the way these days MakeMyTrip is offering a Free Swiss Trip if you are good at playing computer games. I wish I was not this bad with video games!

The second place I definitely wish to go is New Zealand. The Lord of the Rings is the obvious movie connection but even before that Kaho Na Pyar Hai made me take notice of the place. Those wide open scenes from the Lord of the Rings have stayed with me and New Zealand is certainly on my bucket list. But this bucket list is made without any real effort to reach these places. I am relying just on serendipity to get there.

One place that came on my radar as a child was Venice because of the Amitabh Bachanan, Zeenat Aman song Do lafzo ki hai. Even as a little kid I wanted to visit the city which was floating on water and I did eventually manage to visit Venice on a trip to Modena where I was attending an academic conference and Venice was just two hours away.

However when I think of Pangong Lake, Ladakh and 3 Idiots I feel I was lucky I visited the area in 2005. I have to return to Ladakh one of these days but those who have been to the place post 3 Idiots feel it is not the same. Since I have not revisited I will reserve my judgement.

So what do you think? Do you have a place on your wishlist because of a movie you saw?