My Piece of the Yale University Art Gallery

WE all wish for the impossible sometimes, it is healthy I think. Besides wishing that I could have F Pepe’s pizzeria moved brick by brick and slice by slice from New Haven to my little hamlet of Cottekill I added a new wish. Since I’m dreaming here I might as well add that the Yale University Art Gallery come along. I loved my morning visit there so much! Besides the wonderful Impressionist collection, I was enthralled by the African art and the masks on display. After leaving the Gallery I happened to find a Ten Thousand Villages store and on sale a great mask from Cameroon. Not quite the same as having the collection brought to Cottekill but a remembrance in any case. As I looked for the perfect place to hang said mask I looked over my own mask collection. I have been buying them for years from all over the world, mostly Africa and Latin American countries. It has been awhile since I really looked at them and I must say I was quite pleased. Each has a special memory attached, a special location, event or feeling. While not quite the same, Cottekill does have a small gallery of masks and now a Benevolence Mask expressing healing. Wishes can come true even if it is a smaller version of a huge one.