One Eye on the World, Thanks to Max Hartshorne, Johnny Jet, Lynn Hayes, French Tourism and Family Traditions

I am asked a thousand times a year how I broke into travel writing, and I really have no answer except that it is something I always wanted to do. I owned a tour company in Scottsdale AZ and we used to set up trips for colleges and universities. I went to a dinner one night sponsored by Delta with a big banner, “Your Travel Partners.” Two weeks later my “partners” cut commissions to agencies and I knew the era of the Travel Agency was done. I decided then and there that I was going to travel and find a way to do it! I did with help from some wonderful people like Max Hartshorne, Johnny Jet, Katherine Johnstone of French Tourism and such.

Now, later in life, other circumstances are opening up new avenues to follow things I love like photography. I am in the process of getting ready for a month long showing at Family Traditions in Stone Ridge NY. The space will be shared with the Lakota Nation Floating Photography Benefit, a worthy and interesting cause indeed.
The flyers are done and getting spread around, and the gallery reception is July 7 so please come by for wine and cheeses as well as some other delights. Photography has always been something I love so I thank people like Peter Guttman, Lynn Hayes and others who have given time to share their methods.

I spoke a week and a half ago to the American Cancer Society about surviving two cancer treatments and a broken back and was told that it was uplifting. The ultimate goal is a book project that is underway, all fit in my travel journey and all play a part. The reception is July 7 from 5 -10 and I ask you to please attend, I hate to drink alone…