Pang, Ladakh

Pang Ladakh brings back such strong memories. When we went on the Ladakh trip I had little idea what the road journey would be like. We started at 3.00 am, an obscene hour to be awake at, if you ask me, from Manali. Pang was the lunch spot. I was so tired and zonked in the shared jeep beyond care. Pang was a place where we found food tents, on the way from Manali to Ladakh. After 300 km of jeep ride, we definitely were hungry but there were 150 km to go after this spot to reach Leh in Ladakh finally.

As I take a motion sickness tablet on the mountain roads I was even more zonked than it is possible. The tablet induces sleep. While it is good that I do not vomit, I also end up missing all the views as well.

Food Tents at Pang, Ladakh
Food Tents at Pang, Ladakh
The food tasted more like mud in my mouth. Loo breaks were few and the mind was almost blank from fatigue. But the scenes that I witnessed on the way, it was nature on a grand scale! I had never seen such such a scenery as it unfolded at Pang. Brown mountains were looming on every side. And in the foreground there were tents, which looked insignificant in scale.

The good bit was that the tents offered food. Many people make a night stop at Sarchu or Pang but we were on a canon ball run, straight from Manali to Leh. I am still not sure which a better way to travel to Leh, the canon ball run or the one with a break in between. With the canon ball run you reach somewhere the same day. With a break (which we did for the return journey) you spend two days on the same killing roads.