Pilot Girl Landing at the NY Times Travel Show

It is fast approaching, the NY Times Travel Show, March 2-4 at the Javits Center. It brings back many memories, the years Max and I would get there early to lug gear and set up. Soon our team would arrive and the show would wear us slap silly. I firmly believe that it had a lot to do with GONOMAD’s success. But the days of a booth there are done.

Then there was speaking at the show a big time boost. This year I’m going to the show as strictly a civilian. I am however jazzed to hear speakers such as the Frommers, Adam Richman and Samantha Brown speak. However there is one person I am very excited to hear and that is Sonja Stark, AKA Pilot Girl. She will be taking my old spot and I’m thrilled! Sonja is a pro videographer and I do mean pro, her work spans the globe and she has a future so bright that sunglasses wouldn’t help. Her addition to the GoNOMAD panel is going to add some kick ass sparkle.

We have been lucky to have her with us for a very long time and to watch her growth is both amazing and satisfying, proud to know her. It will be strange to be in the audience but I have to say I’m so happy for her, it is her time. If you’re looking to get in the travel writing game, shooting picks or create amazing videos then Sony is the GIRL to see. Join me there. Pilot Girl