Prepare for take-off with cheeky videos

“Ninety-nine percent is in the delivery. If you have the right voice and the right delivery…you can say anything and make people laugh” said Buddy Hackett.

The same is true of boring, monotonous in-flight safety videos – content we’ve had repeated to us a million times.

Ever since the cult following of Delta’s 2008 video featuring a redhead nicknamed Deltalina, other airlines have followed suite. Instructions that used to be verbally narrated to a mostly passive, indifferent crowd, are now given via celebrity figures using dry humor, wit and high production values.

Richard Simmons Fit to Fly Video
Richard Simmons Fit to Fly Video

You’re bound to have seen some of these as their branding is brilliant.

One of my favorites include, already a 2011 classic by Air New Zealand called “Mile-high Madness.” I’ve never been on a Kiwi flight, but I can just imagine the laughter that this video incites. The video features the flamboyant 80’s fitness guru Richard Simmons dancing to words like – grab, click and pull to demonstrate the importance of stowing your bags and buckling up. The workout crew behind him are bonafide flight attendants and pilots, even a cameo from the CEO.

“I’m on a plane full of crazies,” says a passenger on his cell phone with his laptop open. Simmons jumps next to him and requests “Stop broadcasting buddy!” and closes his laptop screen and unexpectedly kisses the man on the cheek. Hilarious.

NAKED demonstration

Betty White informing fliers while making fun of old people and this year, a

Lord of the Rings parody with Elijah Wood and Peter Jackson.

So, the next time you fly, make a point of staying awake just long enough to enjoy the innovative, wacky, sometimes awkward, but always funny, safety videos.