Rio and PNG, the Way Places Should be Represented

It was a great time at the NY Times Travel Show this past weekend, a chance to catch up with new developments in the travel world. More importantly a chance to reconnect with those people that have come to mean more then a work connection, people that have come to mean more. I am always glad to run into two destination booths that besides being fantastic places to travel to also are represented by amazing people, actual faces!

Rio and Macau are so wonderfully handled by one of the nicest and hard working guys in the business, Joao Rodrigues. His professional ability is equaled by his attitude, tops. The wonderful folks that handle Papua New Guinea also have that ability, smiles and greetings from then always cheer me up and make my day. This is the way a place should be represented and they do an amazing job. It is true that they all handle places that are dream destinations. They are also proof that it takes more. They bring so much more…

It was also great to see Sonja Stark give her first presentation at the show, the future looks bright.