Savannah, Treasure and Pleasure

How wonderful it is to be away and wake up in the same bed three days in a row! That rarely happens on press trips and really is such a delight, especially when waking up in a city like Savannah. We head back to Charleston today to take the sting of leaving out. I cannot think of a prettier city to walk around in the US than Savannah, with its 24 green squares and stately homes. It is a city where the map you have been carrying around becomes unnecessary. For example it is exactly a one-scoop sugar cone from Leopold’s ice cream emporium to my room at the Mulberry Street Inn, through Washington Square.

While the city has built up places such as the City Market and Riverfront area as places for visitors to go, I’m finding that it is the other areas of Savannah that attract me. Moss hangs from the trees and small restaurants and shops are tucked away, hidden. Its like being on a treasure hunt. The stamp of SCAD or the Savannah College of Art and Design is everywhere and gives the city a young vibe, Theaters thrive and the scads of offerings amazing. It was a pleasure to spend a few days with writing friends showing me their city, great job. I would return anytime to this place, where else are to-go cups placed on the bar so you can take your drink with you, one draft from City Market to Madison Square.