Second Attempt at Stop Motion- The Model is Very Pricey!

My first attempt at stop motion photography was a mess. But I learned a lot of things. Now here is a second attempt. Still not good but an improvement on the previous one.


Lessons from the second attempt-

1. The model is very pricey, she turns her face away or runs away!

2. The best results came from the 18-55mm kit lens with the pictures clicked at 18.

3. I deleted some pictures that were out of focus, it didn’t work. The motion between the scenes became jerky when I deleted the pictures. Whereas when I kept them all the out of focus is not that prominent as they roll past very fast!

4. I shoot in continuous mode with the button pressed almost continuously.

5. My 55mm prime didn’t take continuous pictures as well as 18-55 did.

Warning- the next attempt is going to be featuring me and me being the photographer as well. You have been warned.