Staying on Lizard Island, Queensland

I once took a very special trip to Australia, Queensland in particular in which we flew by our own little plane to several islands out near the Great Barrier Reef. While the whole trip was fantastic one place in particular stood out Lizard Island. Perhaps it was just the fact that the whole island is home to just the resort that really set the mark or maybe the 24 snow-white beaches did it. Snorkeling and diving at the Cod Hole certainly played a big part.

The Sunset Point Villas certainly closed the deal with its understated elegance and the Australian Timber chair and hammock the best place for my nightly sundowner. The main lodge and restaurant was open and breezy and the food plentiful and wonderful. The list of beautiful people that stayed there is long and complete. The week before our arrival the moderately handsome Joe Torre was there just before his book was released. What a place to stay and write one I thought, off course a winning lotto ticket would be needed first. Or a huge advance!