Bringing you the Sunday Book Market at Daryaganj

I once lamented for the lack of libraries in my corner of the globe but then we do have a good thing and that is the Sunday Book Market of Daryaganj, New Delhi. It is a paradise for book lovers and mostly the books are second hand and dirt cheep. Back issues of magazines like Vogue jostle for space along with books on philosophy and everything in between. Bargaining is a sport and an art form here.

If you ask me for directions to the place, I will most certainly get you lost. But let me try. Go to the Ajmeri Gate side of the New Delhi Railway Station and then from there take an auto or a rickshaw, and those good folks will drop you to the book market within no time.

My first stop was this shop where a sale was going on, I could pick up any book for Rupees 20 and we (H and I) took our time picking up quite a few. I am reading one of them, it is a travel book and soon I am going to curse it to no end on my blog.

These nice folks (sellers) were quite willing to get photographed and it was at their ‘shop’ I clicked the Maradona picture. I was seriously ticked off by my nephews for bringing only the picture home and not the book.

This kid and the young lad were manning the 20 rupees sale shop (the first picture) and they too happily let me take their photographs. I hope the kid goes to school on other days.

The third seller I photographed from a distance, without asking permission. I liked the way he has a chair of books! H is very patient when I use my camera. He leaves me alone and walks to the next shop and there he waits patiently for me. That way my nephews are slightly better, they only stand at a small distance and look the other way.

Yummy street food. I am very fond of jaleebies (sweets) but there were too many flies and I chickened out. I loved the arrangement and colors of the carrots and radishes too but refrained from eating.

We had started early and the place was not so crowded but by the time we had a quick bite in a restaurant and emerged, the place was crowded like anything.

Tu jahan jahan chalga mera saya sath hoga? Can we ever leave AC behind?

Finally, this post is inspired by Akshay and his works.