The Algonquin Hotel, NYC’s History and Matilda’s Home

Erffy after checking In
I have to wonder if cats had FB and such would mine be a bit jealous over the make up the legendary Algonquin Hotel has just over gone. It certainly needed one. Not only was the hotel home to the literary round table where Parker, Benchley, Sherwood, Kaufman and others sat and satirically blasted writers of the day. In fact they called themselves the Vicious Circle. I could go on forever but it is Matilda the cat that I’m thinking about. (Vicious Circle)

Since the 1930’s there has been a Matilda that rules with free run of the lobby, watching people come and go and the current Matilda still does so. Her litter box is in the coatroom along with her food bowl and chair. I’d like to think that Timmy, Cleo, Tommy and Erffy feel that their gig at 258 Cottekill isn’t to far a step down. Still no worries cause everyone knows there isn’t FB for cats. The Algonquin is now back on my hotel wish list, I’ll fill the cat kids in on my return home. (Matilda)