The Long Island Sound is full of Sound Memories. Hampton Bound

It was the cosmic coalition of days of old as we pulled into Westport, CT today, happen to have the new T&L magazine with the cool new Johnny Jet Hyatt interview, the Jetster has always been into family and Royaton CT in his writing. I imagine bro Frank lives near where I write this. Then as we pulled into the small but uber comfy Inn at Fairfield Beach I realized that I spent many years partying just down the street where my college buddy Big Fun Bob and his cronies lived. I used to run my old decrepit 18ft boat to from my one time New Rochelle home. Lots of wild memories from those days. Recently one of my sister’s old boyfriends also lived down the street in the other direction.

All of this because I’m Hamptons bound for a few days to share a rental with my nephew, his great wife and their new baby Skyler as well as my sister and Drew’s other aunt and their family will join us. I wanted to return to the tip of Long Island via ferry, water being the way to go! I spent many summers as a child then après college there. So tomorrow I board in Bridgeport and across the Sound. Summer memories flood like the pounding rain now falling, drone packed and a great time dead bahead!