The Menthos Ad: Other Side of the Story!

Remember the mouth freshener (or whatever it is) Menthos Ad? Aab aa rahe ho, Get out, kahan Jaa rahe ho? Sit down!

(You are coming now? thunders the teacher, at student trying to enter late in a class. Then a ‘Run Lola Run’ kind of a sequence happens, the same student is running late for a class again but with a difference. This time he eats Menthos, and he enters half way to the class unseen and pretends he is trying to walk out, and the teacher says, where are you going, sit down.)

The objective of the student achieved and the teacher proved to be a fool once again in Bollywood style, we then get the punch line of the ad, Menthos, Dimak Ki Batti Jala de! (Menthos, makes you think brighter).

I am a college teacher and let me talk back to you about what they left out in the ad.

  • Many of my students often forget during the semester that they need to write the exam at the end of it and not me. At the end of the semester, most of you discover where my office is and ask which book to consult and what to study. I suggest, try doing it a bit earlier. You see, you need the degree, not I.
  • When three people refer to a person as Finance Minister rather than Finance Manager in the ‘appendices’ of a report, my task is very easy. When you are copying, make sure you have enough time to read just once for such eyesores, my Menthos eating ‘intelligent’ student.
  • I have taught you and you gave me a fair idea of the kind of work you are willing to do every day. At the end of the semester, you suddenly start quoting three references for a topic where there are only two books in the library. I am bound to get suspicious.
  • On top of it, the level of English you wrote (after starting the assignment at the 11th hour) is what many people achieve after third or fourth revision!
  • Now, they will not tell you in Bollywood movies or ads, but we faculty members do know about the Internet and cut copy paste method (you must have noticed the boxes in every room, and how some of us seem to be glued to it?) and in case of such work we immediately head for a Google search. And a few clicks later, with one word ‘plagiarism’ and a reference to the website (a zero for you in most cases) we move on.
  • I do not mind when you pay attention to your girlfriend/boyfriend/friend rather than the lectures. You are in the college now, you know better.
  • However, when you and your girlfriend submit almost identical work, I do take strong exception. When I see your copy and I have a vague suspicion of having seen it before, the first place I will look at is your girlfriend/boyfriend/friend’s work. Any idiot can figure this out, but I wonder my Menthos eating smart student, why can’t you?

At the risk of sounding repetitive, but you have to bear with me, some students have a tendency to listen only after something is repeated 10 times, you need that degree, your teachers do not. And next time you watch the Menthos or any such similar ad, remember my words and take it with a pinch of salt.