The Oxford Hotel in Bend Oregon, Max Hartshorne Finds a Winner

The Oxford Hotel, Bend Oregon

I’ve stayed in hundreds of hotels for the ten years I’ve been a regular international traveler, and I’ve learned that there are some types of hotels that always stand out. These are the city hotels that are right in the heart of their location, right downtown where everything you need is within walking distance. I’m always pleased not to be stuck out on some interstate where there is nothing to walk to, and empty highways instead of bustling city streets.

I recently stayed at the Oxford Hotel in Bend, Oregon, part of the Oxford Hotel Group in 14 different cities throughout Idaho, Washington, Oregon and California. This small chain does it right. The beds that are among the most comfortable I’ve ever slept on with made of sustainable materials, large rooms, a sparkling clean gym and people from the cleaners to the bellmen who really care.

The hotel is pet friendly and is devoted to environmentally friendly practices throughout their operation.

The Oxford Hotel in Bend features a classy basement restaurant/bar called Ten Below. Breakfast isn’t included in the room rate, which at $169 a night was more than reasonable. Spending another ten bucks for breakfast was no problem.

The shower is a copious tiled affair, and there was a bank of outlets that could charge just about any device. One tiny beef was that the beautiful 42” televisions didn’t show HD pictures, but that might have been Bend, and not the hotel. It’s always a bit sad to look at an HDTV screen with the blurry and pixilated image you get when you don’t have HD input.

But all in all, this hotel in Bend was perfect for my four night stay. I’d highly recommend Oxford for any trips through California, Oregon, Idaho or Washington!