Why Does it Feel Like War Before Leaving the Station?

I am often on war with the world just before leaving the station. I am about to leave for Sri Lanka in a few days time. And it feels like a war right now. Some of the symptoms are-

  • I am unable to reply to the comments on my blog and when that happens I hate it. I really hate it and recently it has happened much more that I would have ever liked.
  • I am sitting and typing this post late into the night. I have been unable to blog today because everything else was a priority. I wonder why does all the work sneaks out from the various corners just a few days before I am about to leave?
  • It is war when I think of packing in terms of money and tickets if traveling domestically and money (currencies), documents (passport and every thing else) and relevant chargers if I am travelling internationally. Clothes don’t even figure unless it is a cold climate. Then one good jacket also becomes essential. Every thing else is packed up last moment with a prayer.
  • I miss on sleep due to various things that need to be done and then I arrive at the destination completely knocked out. It just adds to the feeling.
  • And this time it is more like war because after coming back I am leaving station in one day again for a trip that is work related. So I am trying to settle out everything for that as well.

But there is one good thing happening right now even though at the moment it adds to the war. I had left the month of May blank travel wise thinking that I would be too tired after back to back trips. But something exciting is cooking up right now. But details when all the chips fall in place!

I think I will have net connection at Sri Lanka, so I should be blogging live from there. otherwise there is another agenda for war, to schedule posts.

Do you also feel the same before leaving for a trip? I hope not. And final proof that I am at war? No picture with this post. Now when did you last saw that on Travel Tales from India?