Wonderful Family Traditions, Stone Ridge NY

The rain soft, the laughter loud and smiles everywhere, perfect. I’ve missed a lot of summer events over the years and not just because of the past 2 and cancer treatments. For the last sixteen years I have had the amazing opportunity that not many get, to travel the world and then share the experience. If every summer Saturday was like yesterday then I might be the luckiest man in the world.

I started the day by dropping some new photos at Family Traditions and truth be known to do a bit of shopping. The crafts and objects there just wonderful, so unique and beautiful, true to form no problem emptying my wallet a bit. Better yet was the chance to gab with owner Peri a bit. Love getting the skinny on what is going on in the local art scene.

After I headed to the Stone Ridge library fair an event that has been going on for some forty odd years. In may just be one of the few places let where modern life is left behind and old fashion rules. Strawberry shortcake, books and face painting for kids fill the hours. Actual books sold and the local dentist and farmer can pull out their instruments and rock out.

The night ended with the smell of gardens permeated the air and the tiny white lights strung throughout the yard as a background for dinner and some conversation. It was perfect and great to have with my upcoming trip to California rapidly getting close. I’m not sure I could handle being any luckier than I feel but I’m willing to try.