Live Like a King, Chateau de Bagnols

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I’m packing for a trip to France this Sunday and inevitably whenever I think of France I think of my stay at the Chateau de Bagnols . In a country known for its Castle and Chateau  lodgings the Bagnols  stands tall and proud, a winner. The 13th century chateau sits on a hillside surrounded by the vineyards in the Beaujolais region. The chateau’s honey-colored stone work glistens in the sun as you approach, the massive size of this 21 room and suite lodgings add to the dramatic feel.

The drama explodes as you cross the through the gates after crossing the moat. One can feel the amazing history in the bones as soon as you check in. My room Les Seigneurs d’Albon was huge and filled with antiques from the 17th century  including a writing table in the Louis XIII style perfectly situated by the double window overlooking the wonderful gardens. As in many of the rooms Renaissance frescos decorate much of the walls. Most unique was the bathroom located in one of the towers adjoining anchored with a massive tub in the middle. The deep openings in the tower still maintain the x shape for use by crossbows.

Chateau de Bagnols location near Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France equals fantastic dinning in the Great Room near the largest fireplace in France or in good weather on the south terrace. The grounds are filed with splashing fountains and wonderful shaded areas to curl up. To one side sits a formal garden and the other slopes are cherry trees with wildflowers at their base. There is no bad time to open a bottle of Cru Beaujolais and slip a few centuries back. Best visited and with someone you love, it is costly. But like love the Bagnols is priceless.