Best Beach Resort for Under $100, Savaii Samoa

The perfect beach front stay need not be a lavish resort with all bells and whistles; one of my favorites is quite the opposite. Le Legato on the island of Savaii in Samoa was just perfect This small resort featured native style bungalows (fales) done in native wood complete with sitting area and porch, only ten on property. The thatched roof kept things cool but ac was also available. No need for a fancy mattress in paradise especially when the bed was perfect. I loved my space there.

The small horizon pool was set near the bar and off to the side the deck restaurant sat over the beach small and intimate. Lobster freshly caught was the featured dish done more ways than there are McDonalds. As mall spa area rounds out the offerings.
The beach was a perfect sandy white and every night the sun sank like a magnificent symphony. La Legato could charge outrageous prices and go for the exclusive for stars hideaway thing. Thank god it doesn’t, proof that remarkable isn’t always linked to big $$. This is a place I truly want to return some day.