The Days, Heading to Self-Cruise Ireland on Boat

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This check in is a very special one and I’m so glad that my good friends Marie and Clark Day are going for it, Self-Cruising the Shannon River and the many lakes of Ireland. They and their friends will have a boat that is completely a floating home. Galley, bedrooms and showered baths at the least will make their time cruising Ireland a pleasure. Stop at any village they want and shop for provisions, times in pubs off the beaten roadways. A cup of hot toddy up in the crow’s nest while slowly following ancient ways of Vikings, yahoo guys you’re going to love it!

This experience was the very first travel story I wrote about for Transitions Abroad years ago and then Travelers’ Tales Books. Here is one on Go NOMAD. While popular with Europeans not many Yanks do it, a big miss in travel cool! Now who is captain, Marie or Clark?