Omni New Haven Yale Scores a Touchdown

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Great dinner just around the corner, Omni’s Location is great.

Location, location, location followed up with comfort, comfort, comfort, the Omni New Haven Yale comes through. The view from my corner room 1013, gives me a perfect perch to see downtown and Yale University laid out below. The location is center of all things you want to see; right up the street is the University Art Gallery with a vast collection including works from Van Gough, Manet and Picasso. When that is done it is on to the nearby Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, one of the nations oldest and largest natural history collections.

Thank goodness the Omni is right in the middle to base and plan the next New Haven attraction. The hotel is done very well, service excellent and public rooms a pleasure to use. The bed was a cloud and sleeping well is always a big treat! In fact the Omni scores very well on all accounts. The renovation project is almost complete yet never interfered with my stay. While the area around the hotel has a bevy of restaurants, the one in the Omni on the 19th floor has a great reputation. Perhaps after a lunch testing the Italian places that line nearby Wooster, this guy may grab a book and dine while New Haven twinkles below. One thing to remember, join their loyalty program when booking and Internet is free. Besides that loyalty membership will most likely get used if the rest of Omni is run as well as this one in New Haven!