Mills House Hotel, a Holiday Inn Under the Wrapping

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It was a cold and breezy this morning as I checked out of the Mills House Hotel in Charleston, the car was completely loaded up and ready to go. Just one slight problem the car was a Dodge mini van, not the Jeep Patriot I arrived in. It was super late and horribly rainy when I arrived two nights ago so truthfully I didn’t even notice till I checked for my GPS and there wasn’t one. More embarrassed was the assistant GM who was watching my bellman load it. This kind of sums up my feelings about the Mills, it is a Holiday Inn. Now I am a Gold Priority Club member cause I do actually use HI a lot. Usually for airport layovers and such.

This hotel was great in many ways but still had the HI thing in other ways that do not fit with a Lux Hotel; plastic cups will not fit a place like the Mills. It is however the service that cannot hide in the upscale building, just not matching the location. For example when I checked in they said they were not sure if the room was ready, if it isn’t at twelve midnight it isn’t going to be. It was prepaid and yes I wanted the balcony room I booked. One thing is for sure; I want to leave a place with the rental I arrived in. Don’t wrap up a lux property with pricey till you get Hotel 101 down pat…