Grand Hyatt in Taipei is Just That, Grand

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One of the most overlooked hotel brand in the lux field in the US is the Grand Hyatt brand, some how the corporate feel overpowers lux connotations. Grand Hyatt however in China and Asia is huge and some very impressive, there are more in Shanghai than I would think needed but all are very cool and I loved the two I stayed in. This report is however the Grand Hyatt in Taipei, a totally different scene.

The Grand Hyatt in Taipei is a mammoth 852 guest rooms and suites yet manages to keep a small comfortable feel, no easy feat. Its location in the city is pretty damn perfect with the super sky reaching 101 Building within a very quick walk, as is the Sun Yat-sen Memorial, Presidential Building and the wonderful Shihlin Night Market. If there on business then the Grand is also wonderfully located.

Night Market food is a Taipei must!

Inside the rooms are sizable and well decorated and have every imaginable convenience needed. The work area spacious and very usable. While located in the heart of the city the Hyatt also has a surprising green and foliage filled space both outside and even in the huge lobby area. If keeping fit is important to you that the two 24 hour gyms will greatly please you. I love the fact that it is a huge hotel yet the feeling of a smaller place with the service and comfort that come with it. Grand Hyatt in Asia should be added to the check it out list when deciding on a place to stay. You will be very surprised.