A Hotel Geek, Reports on Great Hotels

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While the rest of the GoNOMAD team dream of further adventures I also include checking out hotels down the road. Before I leave on a trip I’ve most likely been to the hotels websites many times checking things out. Till there though you never know what you’ll really find or find out. For example Prince Albert of Monaco was a guest at the Inn at English Harbour just a bit before I arrived recently for the Antigua Sailing Regatta. Duran Duran also recent past guests, see I’m a hotel geek.

Don’t get me wrong I still am NOT a fan of going hotel to hotel for tours; sometimes it is sadly a part of a press trip. I love to stay in them, to feel a part. The Travel & Leisure Hotels Issue is now out and again one of my favorites. Best tip inside, in good hotels leave about 5 to 10 dollars a night with an envelope so all the different housekeepers get their share. Some like my friend Johnny Jet hit them with a great tip on arrival, he gets great service that way and it makes perfect sense to me.

I have some upcoming trips so I’m looking forward to checking out some great lodgings. I’ve also lined up five of my favorite frequent travelers to learn their reasons a hotel stands out and why.