Inn at English Harbour, Antigua Perfection

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I’m not quite sure when laidback and relaxed became dirty words in hotel industry circles, both appeal to me very much. Yes I like modern conveniences such as Wi-Fi and a few channels on a good TV. But what price is it to get those simple things when priceless scenery and old fashioned good service is added, when subtle nods or requests provide all a Caribbean traveler could want. Granted that location, great location is a must to pull it off.

I’ve found such a place in Antigua called the Inn at English Harbour; from the hilltop main building and restaurant down to its idyllic beachfront, nature handles a lot. The views gorgeous and added simplicity makes for clean luxury. No Disney set carrying a Pirates of the Caribbean theme needed, its real. The buildings have a back to days when plantations providing sugar ruled. Heavy mahogany type furniture blends well with the four-poster beds and the all-important porches from a bygone era stand. No fear a simple button provides air conditioning and any other convenience needed.

The small restaurant and beachfront bar the Reef provides the same great food found in the main restaurant. There is something wonderful about naked feet, the sound of crystal clear seawater and calm. Throughout the Inn at English Harbor calm pleasure seeps as if brought in wave after waves that hits the beach. The feeling of relaxation hits almost immediately once you pass through the gates. If subtle but steady classic qualities aren’t the buzzwords for a luxury Caribbean visit they should be. Open up that book or even hit on Kindle, your life is about to get reset. A stay here is a must in these face-paced days. I liked the place so much that I ran this on Be Our Guest also.