Long Beach and Maya Hotel, Magic Time in California

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Lets face it hotels are a hard choice, what floats my boat may not float yours but right now I’m neck deep and happy as a clam. Thanks to Long Beach CVB marvel Megan Rodriguez and Pier PR principal Cameron Andrews. While other convention and tourists are in the middle of the city, I’m across the bay sitting in bubbles in the hot tub at the Maya Hotel. It doesn’t always take a huge bill to get a special stay; this Hilton Double Tree proves it. It has just the right funk for me. Here are some more Long Beach Hotels, from Trivago.com

Bamboo stands, waterfalls and a chunk of South American zip in California sunshine. Place a cool city like Long Beach right across the bay and I’m in heaven. The Latin zip goes right through the restaurant like a lighting bolt, viva Fuego! I’ve got the Queen Mary as a neighbor and views to kill for. I have indeed found my feature hotel for my featured article. In fact I asked to extend my stay, rare for a guy who floats room to room. Last night I had a pleasant dinner with food bizz wiz Jerry Prendergast here and the views across the bay to Downtown added a great touch. Yes you most likely could spend bigger dollars but in my opinion the Maya has just the right touch of magic. Hard to find but glad to share.