Pedal Pushing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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On my way to the Hot Metal Bridge. This was a particularly nice stretch before the detours began. Photo by Pinaki Chakraborty. All rights reserved © 

The long drive and the lack of fall foliage did not deter us from visiting Pittsburgh, which many claim to be the ultimate bike-friendly city. Renting a bike each from Golden Triangle Bike Rental, my husband and I set out to explore the city on two wheels. Due to some construction work, part of our trail had detours. This of course took away the pleasures of a non-motorized environment, especially for me as it was my first attempt at urban biking. The surfaces varied and so did my speed. We ran into rollerbladers, joggers, dog-walkers and plenty of people.

We locked our bikes at the base to ride the Duquesne Incline (cable car) which took us high above the city. From the observation deck, we got a great view of America’s steel city with its intersecting rivers, bridges and tall buildings. From our vantage point, the buildings looked like they are made from LEGO bricks. If you ask me, the huge yellow stadium stole the show. The famous Heinz stadium. Home to the Pittsburgh Steelers (members of NFL, America’s National Football League), it is hallowed ground for football fans. The residents of Pittsburgh take their football seriously. One in ten people wore the the black and yellow Pittsburgh Steelers jersey. Even toddlers in strollers wore the team colors!

Around sunset, we returned our loaners and headed back to the hotel. The car parking is close by the rental shop which is great when you are all sore and achy from a day of pedal pushing.

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