Feasting on Skizza

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Skizza at Gigi Trattoria in Rhinebeck, New York. Photo by Esha Samajpati. All rights reserved ©

Last Saturday we took an impromptu drive along the Hudson River Valley, and while on Route 9, Rhinebeck struck me as an upscale town, standing out amidst its rustic surroundings. Boutiques, fine dining, spacious sidewalks lined with cafes gave way to tree-lined quiet neighborhoods. As some of you may remember, this little town was in the spotlight last year as the chosen venue for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. And Chef Laura Pensiero of Gigi Trattoria fame was one of the caterers for the grand affair. Let’s just say that the town has a certain charm which will make you want to put on the brakes. So that’s what we did.

Seated comfortably at Gigi’s we ordered one of their famous Skizzas (read pizza), a small portion of Rigatoni Buttera (pasta with pork sausage, peas, San Marzano tomatoes and a touch of cream), Tuscan fries (click on link to see pic) and sodas. If like us, you are wondering what makes their pizzas so different that they are called skizzas, here’s what they have to say: Skizza is a flatbread pizza, extremely light and crispy, topped with seasonal ingredients. We signed off the meal with cups of dark delicious coffee – just what we needed for the long drive back home.

I like thin-crusted New York style pizzas, the kind you can fold and eat. But the skizza slices were so incredibly thin that I couldn’t fold them without breaking the crust. My husband referred to them as “skinny pizzas”, which makes sense considering their name and weight.

Delicate and flavorful, the skizzas were a fun find and next time we find ourselves in that part of town, we will definitely stop by for a second round.

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