Tahini on Toast. Take that, Peanut Allergy.

Photo by Esha Samajpati © All rights reserved

You will love this if you are allergic to peanuts but okay with ground sesame seeds, which is what tahini is. It is used to make hummus (which not many people do at home) or when frying up a batch of falafel (again, most people go for the take-out variety). It is also an answer to all those times when you travel with a preschooler who is allergic to peanuts, and you want to be able to make simple sandwiches on the go. All you need is buttered toast, tahini, honey, and flaky salt.

Share it with a peanut-butter-eater and see them not being able to tell the difference! Hah!

If you have already discovered this trick on one of the many websites dedicated to food, well, then what can I say? Spread the good word.

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