Note Kitchen and Bar

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Note Kitchen and Bar
Photos by Esha Samajpati. All rights reserved ©

Off Interstate 84, is the town of Bethel, one of those New England towns where everyone knows everyone else. Its streets are lined with independently-owned toy and book shops, quirky coffee places, a drive-in (yes, you heard that right), a pizza place, locally-owned cinema specializing in indie films, a diner or two, and a handful of fine restaurants. One such new entry is Note Kitchen and Bar, housed in a renovated 1850s home. And guess what, it’s not just adding to the town’s culinary scene. It also does music. Live music.

We went there for lunch during the holidays, as the red and green sprinkles rimming the edge of my glass will tell you. Note does artisan cocktails, craft beer and wine pairings. As one who has tasted their espresso martini, I can tell you that the martini alone is reason enough to pay them a visit. How can you go wrong with coffee liqueur and vodka, you say. Well, you can, and often, the consistency is not where you want it to be. Having tried my favorite combo in many places, I can tell you that none have come close to the perfection that was at Note.

A twist on the tried and tested chicken wings, their cauliflower wings with plum ginger sauce was divine. As were the chorizo clams and creamy goat cheese risotto. Not every place can get seafood right. But Note’s clams were steamed superbly in an ale sauce with chorizo, caramelized onions, roasted corn, tomatoes, and hot cherry peppers. To provide a finishing touch to this hearty, aromatic dish, seasoned fries were called to duty. And they did the job pretty well. Rounding off the dish and adding the much needed crunch.

Their ingredients are local of course, as is the music, that showcases both the classic and the contemporary. The line up for the next few days include Gary Bertz, Phoenix TreeDan Zlotnik and Joe Coscina. Drop by if you are in the neighborhood. Note Kitchen & Bar is at 227 Greenwood Ave, Bethel.

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