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    In an attempt to spice up an otherwise dull, gray Wednesday, here’s a few interesting links from around the world, mostly to do with emerging technology trends.

  1. Vine has been relaunched as Vine Camera, an app that will let you publish your six-second videos directly on Twitter.
  2. Expedia’s new VR film transports you to a Norwegian village. Travel meets advertising in this innovative spot, which can only be accessed via Chrome and Firefox. Wish they had included Safari.
  3. Some of the snazzier IoT products that made their debut in CES 2017.
  4. Remember Corning in New York? Now check out their Gorilla Glass and why the 21st Century may as well be the Glass Age.
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Esha Samajpati
Esha Samajpati is an advertising professional turned travel writer.
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