EverWonder Children’s Museum in Newtown, CT

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EverWonder Children's Museum
Photo by Esha Samajpati. All rights reserved ©

There are children’s museums that are seemingly endless and packed with activities from corner to corner. You rush from exhibit to exhibit, often jostling alongside a sizable crowd. They are pretty good for days you feel energetic and ready to take on anything life throws at you. Then there are children’s museums that have a laid-back vibe, where your kid can tinker with Legos for as long as he likes, while you catch up on your reading, and let’s be real, your IG feed as well.

EverWonder in Newtown, Connecticut is one such little museum which lets you unwind while your kids explore. They have a dancing wall, a three-wheeled racer track (a great way to learn about friction), a swinging art harmonograph, two tornado tubes,  a ramp and track room, and an art room, amongst other things. The staff is unhurried and friendly, often stopping to discuss the intricacies of building a Lego parking garage with the kids. They will even regale you with the dietary needs of the resident snake, Luna, if your five year old so asks.

EverWonder Children's Museum in Newtown CT
Photo by Esha Samajpati. All rights reserved ©

Speaking of diets, they have a snack room with a vending machine. You could bring your own snack and eat in there. The room’s nut-free which is a huge relief for parents of kids with allergies. It’s a museum that’s more often than not frequented by locals so an elaborate cafeteria is not really a necessary feature.

Families with toddlers will appreciate the five and under area. It even has a reading room filled with books. For older kids interested in animation, moviemaking, game design and computer programming, there are ongoing workshops. Just call and ask. For those of us looking for summer programs, they have an array of offerings. As of now, Mad Science Week and Space Week seem to be getting all the votes in our house.

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