Broken Symmetry in Bethel, CT

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Brewery Connecticut
Broken Symmetry in Bethel, CT. All the photos in this post are by Esha Samajpati. All rights reserved ©

Part of the Greater Danbury area, Bethel has always been the quiet one. On the surface, that is. If you dig deeper, you will see it has a thriving restaurant scene, boutique shops, art studios and independent bookstores. All it needed was its very own brewery. Last Spring, the new kid on the block, Broken Symmetry, took care of that.

It’s located in the old train depot, right by the tracks, which of course, adds to its rustic charms. What else do they have going for them? Long shared tables inside (beer hall style), exposed beams up high, repurposed wood on the walls, a patio outside, handwritten chalkboard menu up above the counter and a fine collection of beer on tap.

Craft Beer
Sample first if you can’t decide.

If you are not into craft beer, they have Cross Culture Kombucha and an array of other non-alcoholic drinks. And best of all, apart from the usual fries, they have tacos and burritos and wild shrimp to accompany each sip. I enjoy my beer more with food, so it’s right up my alley. Doesn’t hurt that the food is delicious and the greens are locally sourced from Holbrook Farms.

Fish Tacos
Ah! The fish tacos.

Post a stint at a neighboring Tap Room, my friends and I went there on a Saturday night, and were pleasantly surprised. We cut it close to closing time but that didn’t stop us from trying out quite a few of their beers and bites.

Not to be a beer nerd, but I have been reading up on various brews, and it turns out that kolsches are unique. Originally from Cologne, Germany, this fancy little hybrid is fermented with ale yeast but finished in cold temperatures like a lager. Like India pale lager, it uses a mix of techniques and the result is a cliche-challenging well-balanced beverage.

The kolsch I tasted at Broken Symmetry had the crisp clean finish one would expect from a pale lager, without missing out on the punch altogether. The subdued hint of fruitiness from the mango made it go down well. I was told that the IPA and the mango kolsch are their fastest moving beers.

Blurry mango kolsch.

Perfectly refreshing for a warm spring evening, the kolsch is something I would go back for. Also, I need to find out the story behind the name “Broken Symmetry” and the logo. A tour of the brewery would be nice too.

Craft brew and lovely plates notwithstanding, I doubt I would have enjoyed the place half as much if it wasn’t for the company. In the coming weeks, I can see this fine little Bethel Gastro Brewery climbing the ranks of our most-favored haunts.

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