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Pic(k) of the Week – I Miss You, Summer!

A Recap of the Year 2012

I guess I still have time to do a recap of my travels in 2012, seeing as we are in the first month of the new year. Surprisingly, Newport featured twice in our travels, the first time was when we did the Cliff Walk with my parents and then during Christmas. I wrote a couple of posts about foodie trends (eating local and … Read the rest

Pic(k) of the Week – Whiteface Mountain

The Adirondacks have made it to the New York Times’ The 46 Places to Go in 2013. Check out the list here.

Four Quirky Shops in New York City

1. The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Located on 372 5th Ave, this is a store which thinks nothing about selling cloning liquids in bottles and gumption in cans. For a full blown list of superpowers and vigilant must-haves, check out their website. As you must have guessed, this is a favorite haunt among comic fans (read nerds) and people who are willing to let … Read the rest

Hiking the Gunks

This post is part of the Bootsnall 30 Days of Indie Travel Project Prompt #27: WANDERLUST Share a photo or video that just makes you want to GO. RIGHT. NOW.

Maybe it’s my love for hiking but the photo makes me want to pack my bags and head to the mountains. Really.

My Travel Story in The New Haven Advocate

The New Haven Advocate has published my story about Corning, New York in their print edition on Sept 15, and on their website on Sept 13. The article was initially published on GoNOMAD, which is my favorite travel website for various reasons, one of them being its tradition of giving travel writers their first taste of fame. The reach and exposure of GoNOMAD ensures … Read the rest

Hurricane Irene “Hype”. Try a Different Perspective.

The weekend was spent prepping for Hurricane Irene and then following it on the news. The stores ran out of water and non-perishable food faster than the delivery trucks could arrive with fresh supplies. My friend got into camping mode, and got out her camp stove and propane cylinders. We got enough bottled water to last us a week. For once, I wasn’t bothered about … Read the rest

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Today I happened to come across this old guerrilla marketing campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi where they placed a poster of a cup of coffee on top of subway vents in New York City. Holes on the print allow the steam to come out. Around the cup, it reads Hey, City That Never Sleeps. Wake up. Folgers.

I found the idea to be interesting though … Read the rest

A Trip to Olana in Hudson, New York

Frederic Edwin Church was as much a painter of the American landscape as he was a globe-trotter. He traveled to Europe, South America, the Arctic and the Middle East and one such voyage to the far shores of ancient Persia influenced him enough to model his own home in a style which clearly stood out among the colonial homes of the mid-nineteenth century. He named … Read the rest

Pic(k) of the Week – Rip Van Winkle Bridge