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People are Predictably Irrational – Professor Thaler

Richard H. Thaler was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences on Monday. Way back in 2010, while writing about Choice Architecture as it pertains to advertising, I found his best-selling book “Nudge” rather fascinating. In a… Read More

Allergy Friendly Birthday Treat

Last time I did a post on allergy friendly snacks, it was about tahini on toast. This year I found a great alternative to cupcakes, when it came to the annual school birthday treat. With those frosted cupcakes,… Read More

Social Media – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Quite recently I stumbled upon this talk on TEDxTysons. It’s by Cal Newport and he is all for quitting social media. Before you think he is too old or not enough tech-savvy, get this, he is a millennial and… Read More

Technology Today

In an attempt to spice up an otherwise dull, gray Wednesday, here’s a few interesting links from around the world, mostly to do with emerging technology trends. Vine has been relaunched as Vine Camera, an app that will let you publish… Read More

Happy New Year!

Without delving into the past, and feeling sorry for the mess that was 2016, I am going to start this year on a happy note. Above are nine of my “most liked” pics from Instagram. I wish they… Read More

Tahini on Toast. Take that, Peanut Allergy.

You will love this if you are allergic to peanuts but okay with ground sesame seeds, which is what tahini is. It is used to make hummus (which not many people do at home) or when frying up… Read More

Weekly Link Love

I should do this link love sort of posts more often. There’s so much fun stuff I want to share, and talk about. First off, let me start by saying I do not like zoos. Most people will… Read More

Snap, Crackle and Pop

If I had to pick one of the many, many things that make living in a country different from the one you grew up in, a fun experience, I would go with the “fun of fusion.” You take… Read More

Weekly Link Love

“You do some light housekeeping? Great, because I live in a lighthouse and it’s filthy.” Says Amy Poehler with a straight face, while interviewing a candidate for a job at a law firm. As a rule I dislike… Read More

Places I Would Like to Visit in 2014

I always start my New Year with a list of places I want to see and cuisines I would like to try. So here we go – 1. Beach holiday at Montauk, NY. When the temperature outside your… Read More