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On the Mount Pisgah Trail in Northeast Kingdom, Vermont. Photo by Pinaki Chakraborty. All rights reserved ©

This is my second post since my first in August and I apologize for the gap. Meanwhile, I have been to Providence, hiked a few trails in New Hampshire and Vermont, learnt to use chopsticks, tried my hand at go-karting and made some new friends. But like Paul Theroux said, “Travel is glamorous only in retrospect.” It was not all fun and games. I have left out parts where we got lost, felt tired and fought over silly things.

Now that summer’s over, flavors like pumpkin latte is showing up in cafes and boots are making a comeback on the streets. It’s officially fall in New England.

Being from India, I look forward to the four seasons and enjoy the variations in colors and flavors. The change is subtle at first and then suddenly, the new season takes over. Each has its own distinct personality. Summer is like a young kid playing hooky and spring is a couple very much in love. Winter could be a Grandfather with silver white hair and autumn is the Grandma who invites the entire family over for a hearty dinner.

On the travel front, I have a ‘Ride the Rails’ trip coming up and if everything works out as planned, I will be blogging as I travel throught Montana and the northern Rockies!

The Town of Kent Tops the List

Covered Bridge near the entrance of the Kent Falls State Park in Connecticut, USA. Photo by Pinaki Chakraborty. All rights reserved ©

For the better part of the 19th century, Kent was one of Connecticut’s leading iron-producing towns. These days it is best described as “quaint”.

We have driven through the town a couple of times…once stopping at the super expensive Belgique Pâtisserie & Chocolatier mainly because it looked too inviting to drive by. Great collection of liquer filled hand-made chocolates but a tad too tiny to savor. One bite, and they are gone!

Minutes from the Chocolate Shop, there is the Kent Falls State Park which is way too crowded during summer and has no entry fee. Also, there are no trash cans inside the park so please “Carry In – Carry Out” to keep the place clean.

Recently Yankee Magazine voted Kent #1 of the “Top 25 Foliage Towns in New England”. Yes, in all of New England! Kent managed to beat the Mohawk trail and the scenic byways of New Hampshire. Talk about surprises!

Litchfield County, which is home to the town of Kent is pretty amazing with all its quintessential New England features like covered bridges and antique dives but whether it deserves the top spot for fall foliage remains to be seen.