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Data in Advertising

Data is here to stay. Unlike Summer, which is gone. At least for this year, in my part of the world. Hello, Fall. We are done with barbecues and pools. We are now talking back-to-school supplies and pumpkin… Read More

Valuable Brands in 2018

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist When we say “the most valuable brand” we mean the brand value, which is not to be confused with the Enterprise Value (EV), which is a measure of a company’s total value. “EV is… Read More

Social Media – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Quite recently I stumbled upon this talk on┬áTEDxTysons. It’s by Cal Newport and he is all for quitting social media. Before you think he is too old or not enough tech-savvy, get this, he is a millennial and… Read More

Super Bowl Ads 2017

An advertising background has its own set of prejudices. One can never enjoy a commercial without getting into the technicalities. So this year, I decided to enjoy the Super Bowl commercials for what they are – branded entertainment…. Read More

Weekly Link Love

“You do some light housekeeping? Great, because I live in a lighthouse and it’s filthy.” Says Amy Poehler with a straight face, while interviewing a candidate for a job at a law firm. As a rule I dislike… Read More

Weekly Link Love

Today being the first day of August, I had half a mind to rant about the diminishing sunlight and lack of holidays this month brings forth. But as you can see here, Slate has beat me to it…. Read More

Weekly Link Love

Time for a round of weekly links. These are no ordinary links. These are pages I bookmark, articles I read, videos I watch, places I would like to visit, pictures I would like to frame, and recipes I… Read More

Trend of Our Times – Showrooming

This cartoon is by the awesome Tom Fishburne, and this addictive trend, that of showrooming, is here to stay. Personally, I will never showroom for shoes, but other big ticket items, yes. If I like a pair of… Read More

Weekly Link Love

Here we are, at the beginning of a brand new week. Apart from the mundane, the usual, what can we do to make this week special? Here’s a list of things you can read, do, make, or let’s… Read More

Balles De Tennis

Albert Dorfinant, better known as Dorfi, as the signature on the top-left corner of the poster proudly underlines, is not one to bother with the finer aspects of marketing like say, packaging. He has gleefully left the box… Read More