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Maine Again

Yet again, we are back from a summer jaunt in Maine. This time around, we chose a fishing village in the southwesterly coast, just 90 miles north of Boston. We stayed in Kennebunk but every time we ventured out to eat or shop or swim in the ocean, the lines got blurred as to where Kennebunk ends and Kennebunkport begins.

As you see, the … Read the rest

Maine – Pristine Beaches and Lobster Tales

Deep harbors, scenic lighthouses, lobsters, blueberries, rocky coastlines, and thick forests come to mind when one thinks of Maine in summer. If you go by satellite images, its jagged coastline stretches to 5500 miles, if we include all the islands. Conveniently located farther northeast than any other state in U.S., the state of Maine covers nearly as many square miles as the other five New … Read the rest

Silver Sands State Park in Milford – Beaches, Pirates and Buried Treasure

Legend has it that Captain William Kidd, notorious pirate that he was, may have buried some of his treasure on Charles Island, off the coast of Milford in Connecticut. The island is accessible from Silver Sands State Park during low tide but it’s off limits for most of summer as it’s a designated natural preserve for local birds. The slippery half-mile sandbar (or tombola if … Read the rest

Sweet Summer Spots in Fairfield County

New England summers are all about the surf and sand, and of course, seafood. As someone who has been dutifully doing her rounds of beaches and eateries, I can tell you about a few places I tried recently.

The first one is Westfair Fish and Chips in Westport, Connecticut. A hole-in-the-wall place, Westfair is a seafood lover’s haven. Not many people know about this dive. … Read the rest

Pic(k) of the Week – Long Island, NY


Pic(k) of the Week – Montauk Point Lighthouse

The Garden State on Labor Day Weekend

I know you are looking at the photo on the left, that of Liberty State Park, and thinking how amazing it is. Don’t let the blue-grey skies in the picture fool you. It wasn’t so pretty when we were walking the two-mile promenade with three kids, two of them under four years old. It was noon to boot. The views over the Hudson were stunning, … Read the rest

A Good Day at the Beach

There are trips for which you shop and plan and prep for days on end, only to be disappointed by the end result. Then there are those trips, which happen spur of the moment. You wake up late, rinse some grapes while your husband makes a cheese and mortadella sandwich, grab a bag of chips from the pantry, an apple from the counter, throw in … Read the rest

A Date with Serenity

We visited Mauch Chunk Lake Park in Jim Thorpe when there was still a nip in the air, which means we had the beach to ourselves. Not that I am complaining. Solitude is bliss. Especially when you are on a beach in the middle of Pennsylvania’s Carbon County. Popular in summer, desolate on a cold Spring day, Mauch Chunk Lake Park began as a flood … Read the rest

Solitude. Another name for rural Pennsylvania.