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Summer Saturdays at Sycamore

It was all about the fifties. Cars, carhops, fuzzy dice, burger and shakes, and of course, the music. The tunes would make you want to twirl, and twirl they did. How often do you see couples dancing on parking lots of drive-ins in Bethel? For that matter, how often do you see drive-ins in Connecticut?

Sycamore Drive-In Restaurant is a local favorite, and its Dagwood … Read the rest

A Diner with a Sense of Humor

The above picture is from a diner off  US Highway 2 in northern Montana. I loved its classic look and feel, very fifties. To make matters more interesting there was this poster of  a glaring Yosemite Sam riddled with fake bullet holes which dared you to complain. If you look closely, it says ‘Complaint Department – Whine at Your Own Risk’. Part of the Looney … Read the rest

Dutch Diners near Pennsylvania

On our road trip to Pittsburgh, we stopped at a couple of Dutch diners for a taste of American roadside food. Whenever my husband and I hit the road, we try and check out atleast one diner. If we don’t get the time or don’t like what we see, there’s always the golden arch of a Mc Donald’s drive-in.

Off Interstate 81 we found the … Read the rest