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Spring in Wooster Square, New Haven

Sniff, sniff. Spring is in the air. Finally. If you check your social media feed, the star of the show is sakura aka cherry blossoms. Tulips are a close second, followed by daffodils. But cover photos on Facebook, Instagram shots and twitter feeds are all screaming pink and white. Some shots have the flimsy petals of the cherry trees strewn on the earth forming a … Read the rest

Pic(k) of the Week – Cherry Blossoms

Weekly Link Love

Time for a round of weekly links. These are no ordinary links. These are pages I bookmark, articles I read, videos I watch, places I would like to visit, pictures I would like to frame, and recipes I try to replicate (mostly with disastrous results).

Frank Bruni, NYT columnist, unleashes the wrath of parents. His Op-ed piece, aptly titled “A Childless Bystander’s Baffled HymnRead the rest

Pic(k) of the Week – Bright and Yellow

Berries, Jams, Road Trips and Peter Rabbit

So it’s officially Spring. Been that way for five days now. Looking at the clumps of snow still clinging to the ground, you may think otherwise. But really, don’t you feel the chill has lost some of its fizz and it’s nice that the sun is hanging around till dinner time?

Most say Spring is all about flowers, which it is. But it’s also about … Read the rest

Purple Haze

School means different things to different people, few of them having anything to do with lessons learnt from tattered textbooks. Oh yes, all that is very much there but the things that take precedence over algebra and history are the friends we make, the lunches we share, the promises we break, and those that we keep, and of course, the teachers. The ones who take … Read the rest

Pic(k) of the Week – Here’s to an Early Spring!

Foodie Trend – Foraging

I have been reading Lonely Planet’s list of new things to do in 2013. Some bordered on the ridiculous like the newest sport, kronum, some do-able like the newest city, Songdo in South Korea, and then there were those that made me sit up and take notice.

Although not an entirely new concept but a novelty nonetheless, digital detox vacations are gaining popularity among … Read the rest

Pic(k) of the Week – Camouflage

Spring 2012 – Skyline Drive

After spending a couple of days navigating the hub-and-spoke madness that is Washington DC, the clean lines of Skyline Drive making its way through the cool, green Shenandoah National Park was a welcome break. It was the end of May, we were there with my parents, making the most of what was left of Spring. The 105-mile-long drive hugs the pinnacle of the¬†Blue Ridge … Read the rest