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Durga Pujo in Kolkata, India

Let me start by saying Durga Pujo in Kolkata is not your usual Pujo, a word that roughly translates to “offering of prayers to a deity.” It’s not about penance, abstinence, or thriftiness. Think of all the fun… Read More

‘Tis the Season to Chill

Growing up in Calcutta (ok fine, Kolkata), I was exposed┬áto celebrations of various countries and communities, and Christmas was a big part of it. I will be damned if any kid will let go of a festival which… Read More

Crispy Dosas, Bag Loops, and Other Stories from India

We are back from a month-long stay in Kolkata, having touched upon Mumbai, and for the briefest of time, Frankfurt. We flew for 8 hours straight, twice in a day, and then some more. We had a three-year-old… Read More

Back from The City of Joy

Snap, Crackle and Pop

If I had to pick one of the many, many things that make living in a country different from the one you grew up in, a fun experience, I would go with the “fun of fusion.” You take… Read More

The Breakfast Dilemma – Savory vs Sweet

When on the road, in a country quite different from the ones I am used to, I always skip the continental spread in favor of the local favorite. Some countries like to start their day with a helping… Read More

Weekly Link Love

Today being the first day of August, I had half a mind to rant about the diminishing sunlight and lack of holidays this month brings forth. But as you can see here, Slate has beat me to it…. Read More

If You Go To India

If you like to travel and haven’t spent the last few months under a rock, I am assuming you have seen a rise in articles laying down guidelines about how women should dress, talk, and walk, when visiting… Read More

Purple Haze

School means different things to different people, few of them having anything to do with lessons learnt from tattered textbooks. Oh yes, all that is very much there but the things that take precedence over algebra and history… Read More

Hurricane Irene “Hype”. Try a Different Perspective.

The weekend was spent prepping for Hurricane Irene and then following it on the news. The stores ran out of water and non-perishable food faster than the delivery trucks could arrive with fresh supplies. My friend got into… Read More