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Ridgefield Holiday Stroll 2017

If you had a list of New England town must-haves, three-century-old Ridgefield in Connecticut would tick every box. Located on the western fringe of Fairfield County, it’s the right amount of small. It’s upscale but not pretentious, has museums and playhouses, and parks and lakes. The town’s generously tree-lined Main Street has rows of charming storefronts and a slew of Colonials and Capes, which made … Read the rest

Making Music

Weekly Link Love

I should do this link love sort of posts more often. There’s so much fun stuff I want to share, and talk about.

First off, let me start by saying I do not like zoos. Most people will beat around the bush and tell you how it’s great for the animals because they are safe and cared for before they express their discomfort with it. … Read the rest

Pic(k) of the Week – Music On the Go

Weekly Link Love

Today being the first day of August, I had half a mind to rant about the diminishing sunlight and lack of holidays this month brings forth. But as you can see here, Slate has beat me to it. If you read the piece you will find that even the staunchest August-skeptic has to admit that there are plenty of good things that happened this … Read the rest

Snapshots from New Haven, Connecticut

Since coming back from my whirlwind weekend getaway to New Haven, I have been anxious to put together a preview of the shows, the events, the people, the food, and well, the city itself. The list that I present here is not in any particular order, and not in the least bit exhaustive. It’s a just a sampling so to say.

Most memorable dinner in … Read the rest

International Festival of Arts and Ideas 2013

I am going. Are you?

Ashlawn Farm in Lyme, Connecticut

Although the Ashlawn Farmers’ Market is more than an hour’s drive from our home, we decided to go and spend a July morning sampling gourmet dips and juicy, red strawberries. The reason for this being – I had heard from some friends that it is one of the best markets in Connecticut. I can’t tell you if it lives up to its reputation or not, … Read the rest

Fun and Festivity in Albany, New York

The 63rd Annual Albany Tulip Festival will be held on¬†May 7 & 8, 2011 at Washington Park in Albany, New York.¬†Glimpses from last year’s festival:




We had been there last year to see the burst of colors in upstate New York. Albany is the oft-overlooked and somewhat ignored capital of the State of New York. Actually it’s a great weekend … Read the rest