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All Things Autumn

Autumn in New England is not to be taken lightly. It’s when the green around us gets replaced by flaming oranges and bright reds and golden yellows, but not for long. Soon most of the color will disappear,… Read More

A Preview of Persimmon

If you have read my last post you know all about the missed Bristol trip, and had I gone, I would have had a chance to give you a first-hand review of Persimmon on State Street. In the… Read More

Bristol, Rhode Island

Rhode Island has always been a favored destination. Stunning lighthouses, well-preserved 18th century districts, and a wide selection of beaches and parks are parts of its hushed yet elegant landscape. Its history is one of people who were… Read More

Pic(k) of the Week – My New England

Top left: Boston. Top right: Castle Hill Lighthouse, Newport, Rhode Island. Bottom left: Northeast Kingdom, Vermont. Middle: Merimere Reservoir, Meriden, Connecticut. Middle right: Camden, Maine. Bottom right: New Hampshire.

Pic(k) of the Week – Providence, RI

A Recap of the Year 2012

I guess I still have time to do a recap of my travels in 2012, seeing as we are in the first month of the new year. Surprisingly, Newport featured twice in our travels, the first time was… Read More

Balles De Tennis

Albert Dorfinant, better known as Dorfi, as the signature on the top-left corner of the poster proudly underlines, is not one to bother with the finer aspects of marketing like say, packaging. He has gleefully left the box… Read More

Pic(k) of the Week – Marble House in Newport

Couple of Days in Newport

Ahh, Newport. It has summer houses (read opulent mansions) from the Gilded Age, neat brick-paved wharfs lined with quirky shops and tasty bites (try the Irish Coffee at the Barking Crab with a side of calamari and you… Read More

Pic(k) of the Week – Marble House in Newport