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Connecticut’s Hidden Parks – Tarrywile in Danbury

Now, you don’t expect people to drive down to Danbury in Connecticut to experience nature, do you? Nah, they would rather go to Maine. Approximately 39 miles northeast of New York City, Danbury is part of the New… Read More

Notes from Suburbia – Is New York the Greatest City in the World?

What’s so great about the city of New York? Crowded and dirty are some of the words that are often used to describe it. Digging deeper you will see the people turning up their noses at the city are not immune… Read More

Pic(k) of the Week – The Wild Center in the Adirondack Mountains

Woodstock Sanctuary

  Let me begin by stating that I am an omnivore. Contrary to common belief, all Indians are not vegetarians or even vegans. I fall into the non-vegetarian category, although lately, I have been wondering about dairy, and… Read More

Oh Dear! Oh Dear! I am Late!

Not too long ago, there we were, sniffling in the cold and hoping for summer and sunshine. And before we could put down our chilled lemonade and say didgeridoo, here we are, in the first week of August…. Read More

Weekly Link Love

I should do this link love sort of posts more often. There’s so much fun stuff I want to share, and talk about. First off, let me start by saying I do not like zoos. Most people will… Read More

Lyman Orchards Winter Fest 2014

Who doesn’t like being sent off down a slope in a sled, a tube, or in anything for that matter? Nobody, that’s who. The exhilaration of the downward ride may not be like, say snowboarding, or downhill skiing,… Read More

Pic(k) of the Week – Quack! Quack!

Berries, Jams, Road Trips and Peter Rabbit

So it’s officially Spring. Been that way for five days now. Looking at the clumps of snow still clinging to the ground, you may think otherwise. But really, don’t you feel the chill has lost some of its… Read More

A Recap of the Year 2012

I guess I still have time to do a recap of my travels in 2012, seeing as we are in the first month of the new year. Surprisingly, Newport featured twice in our travels, the first time was… Read More