A World of Peanuts in Santa Rosa, California


The “Peanuts” movie was released in November and (good grief!) I have yet to see it. If I were from Santa Rosa, California that alone would be cause enough for criminal action.

You see, this beautiful hamlet, just fifty miles north of San Francisco, is where the greatest American cartoonists of all time penned the “Peanuts” comic strip for many, many decades – a comic strip read by 355 million people in over 75 countries. Schulz died in 2000 but during his lifetime drew more than 18,250 strips.

While on assignment in Sonoma County this week I found a few minutes to pop out of my car for photos of some of the 70 bronze Peanuts sculptures permanently installed around town: Wishy-washy Charlie, the unflappable beagle, Snoopy, the Beethoven virtuoso, Schroeder, Peppermint Patty, Linus, Lucy – they’re all here. The 5-foot-tall recreations are a lasting tribute to the Charles “Sparky” Schulz.

There’s an even larger collection of his prolific work on display at the Charles M. Schultz Museum.

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Peanuts Characters


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